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Whether by chance or by design, you’ve found your way to This site is, first and foremost, an excuse for me to learn about, talk about, write about, and listen to the music of the Grateful Dead. My posts chronicle a long, strange trip through the history of the Grateful Dead…

Updates will be sporadic, as real life must take precedence over this page, however I will make every effort to update regularly and to make every post accurate and thorough as possible.

I will occasionally post in-depth reviews of shows and regularly post brief write-ups of exceptional shows, providing a set-list, streaming link, rating and brief summary of highlights. These will be scannable recommendations from a variety of eras and incarnations of the band. I will also occasionally post historical posts, which will differ vastly in content.

Most posts on this site will fall into one of two categories:

1.) “Reviews” – Of shows from the vault or recent happenings in Grateful Dead culture. These posts feature full setlists, streaming links where available, a summary of highlights and a rating (out of 13 points.)


2.) “History” – These posts range from biographical pieces on Dead Family or Pranksters to discussion of the origins of tunes, noteworthy versions, etc.

With this in mind, please use the sidebar categories or search field to navigate through my archives, keeping in mind that I use MM/DD/YY format without the place-holding zeros… So, for example, 3/9/81, instead of 03/09/81.

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